Spera’s customized solutions are steered by industry veterans, packaged with leading-edge tools, and delivered by multifaced teams that comprise a range of experts; from CFOs to technical advisors.

International Business Representation

We offer end-to-end solutions with all aspects of establishing a in-country presence, serving businesses of all sizes ranging from hosting a rep office, to corporate premises.

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CFO Consulting

Acquire the expertise and strategic services of our CFOs to improve your business planning, forecasting, budgeting, and the like.

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Financial Planning and Analysis

From managing revenue drivers to driving cost efficiency, we simplify your financial processes, saving time, man-hours and money.

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Mergers and Acquisitions

Our team helps you create maximum value by providing a host of services before, during and after the merger, acquisition or divestment procedure.

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Contracts and Obligation Management

Managing contract obligations that evaluates risks, obligations, key dates, financial exposures, and implement best practices in the field.

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Governance, Risk and Compliance

Implement governance, risk and compliance strategies that best suit your business and effectively manage, monitor and measure their effectiveness.

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Accounting and Administration

Leverage the benefits of real-time bookkeeping services that cover everything from accounts payable to general ledger in accordance with US GAAP/IFRS/SFRS or related jurisdictional GAAP

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At Spera, you will find a convenient working model that can be molded to complement your operating and work culture.

Deploy our services on your own established systems or utilize our in-house platforms
Host our team in your office or enjoy the benefits of a dedicated remote team
Hire teams for long-term goals or discover solutions for immediate short-term challenges
Customize the volume and frequency of management reports (exhaustive or summarized)



  • Glad having you on board and working with Spera. Looking forward to growing to a ‘best-in-class’ operation, making us all pride of what we are standing for. Enjoy the day & embrace the spirit of becoming a ‘winning team’ setting new industry standards.
  • Must say I am impressed by how simply Spera has put together the ESOP presentation. Demonstrates clarity of purpose and thought.
  • This is exactly the type of support we envisaged from a business partner.